Friday, June 19, 2009

bgn tdo hari ni rasa mcm fucked up gle...never thought the person who called me almost everyday nk mengadu problems rupa2nya adalah seorang SPY BABA? shit.. sumpah.. aku x kan angkat lg phone kalau number kau appear.ok.. there is two side of every story kan? ble dgr cte one side mesti agak2 org lain akan rasa kau innocent kan? NAH! aku dh malas nk bazir tenaga otak aku nk pikir benda ni.. malas nk buang masa dgr cite2 ur so-called bestfriend. MALAS NK AMBIL PORT HAL NI!

See I don't know why you're cryin like a bitch
Talkin shit like a snitch
Who are you to write a song about me
If you really didn't care you wouldn't want to share
Tellin everybody just how you feel

Fuck what I did, it was your fault somehow
Fuck the presents, I threw all that shit out
Fuck all the cryin, it didn't mean jack
Well guess what yo, fuck you right back


Nor Shazwina Shahnaz said...

kenapa ni?

[[LiL MiSs NotY]] said...

hehe.. i bengang ngn kwn skolah i dlu... :)

mira said...

sapo ya? ak knal ko?