Sunday, November 30, 2008


we had a "makan besar" for our dinner last nite at arabian restaurant. The food was awesome!

mine's: rice + lamb

wanis's: chicken with bread

hanim's: rice with chicken

footnote: i managed to finish my food! mkn byk mcm pak arab kn?ehhehe

Saturday, November 29, 2008

bye2 november

bye2 november and welcome december.. this means that i have less than 30days to cherish my 2008.. :( well, at least i should do something that will remind me of this year. next year i ill be turn to 20years old. it sound OLD for me.. but age is ONLY a number.hehehe.. i can still be like the way i am now.

today the Year End Sale started but they change the name to The Malaysian Saving Sale. Its probably because people can save their money since most of the products are cheap!! I'll grab this opportunities to buy few things that i have been admire before.. well cheapskate would willing to wait for longgggggg time just to buy cheap stuff..*sight*
my sis and i went out to JJ to buy some groceries and have a look for new shoes at Vincci.. but none of them could attract me.. then we drove to MP. We didnt plan to go there before and again we went to Vincci. I saw one bag and terus fall in love with it!! At first i was like think twice, because the bag is actually a clutch and i dunno when n where should i wear it. i have one clutch before from Dior(gift from my dad) but i never use it. Then, i decided not to buy that clutch and i asked my sis to go to Dataran Pahlawan. and AGAIN we went for Vincci. i saw the same bag. exactly the same one but with CHAIN.. im so happy.. at least i can make it as a sling bag! yeayy!! the salesgirl told me that the bag is the last piece! without hesitation, i bought it!

*my new bag*

*mine and hanim's"
*si gemok*

* next project: im hunting for more and more tops!

first post

Hello people!!!
Im back for good!
i've delete all my previous post..
n im coming back with lots of story to share..hehehe:D

thanx for viewing.

-little miss sunshine-