Friday, February 06, 2009

i have no idea of what to write. nothing special about the first week for this trimester in MMU. no shopping, no makan besar and no cinema. Perhaps no leisure time at all. i just stick at home. sleeping, watching movies that were downloaded by my sis and online. i try to force myself for not being so "big spender" and try do more savings and guess what? i managed to survive for this week without going to Jusco or MP or even Dataran Pahlawan. haahahha... its a big success for me anyway! i know it's good for me when i can control myself from buying all those unnecessary things because at least i can save a bit my money for the future.
talking about the future, i heard a lot that the common rate of salary for the fresh graduate is between RM2200 or even less(unless if you work with a big company) and 2200 is consider as a high rate.. for those who are big spender, i think that the salary is insufficient to support their life for a month. ok lets do some basic calculation.

car loan( unless it is malaysian car) = 1000
rent house (depend on place where u rent and how many housemates that u have) = 200 - 300
utility bills (streamyx, electricity, water) = 100
food (100 per week times 4) = 400
transportation(petrol, tol and etc) = 250
total = 2050

money that left after deducting those expenses is RM150!!
haha. silly rite?

p/s: i dont mind if my car it is just kereta cikai2. As long as the car is jimat minyak and i dont have to pay for loan.

Monday, February 02, 2009

A) 7 Fakta Tentang Diri Sendiri
  • anak bongsu dr 4 adik bradik
  • a daughter to my parents, a friend to my friends and a girfriend to MR F
  • majoring in Economics
  • studying in MMU Melaka
  • suke tido
  • spoil yg amat
  • buncit
B) 7 Perkara Menakutkan di Dunia
  • losing my family
  • losing friends and my love
  • future
  • menjadi lebih gemok
  • ketandusan wang
  • diserang penyakit
C) 7 Lagu Yang Paling Layan
  • if i were a boy
  • you can talk to me
  • stick with u
  • hitam putih kehidupan
  • a song for gaza
  • she will be love
  • earth angel
D) 7 Perkara Yang Selalu Disebut
  • bodo
  • kacik
  • sial la..
  • srabuk la
  • suke ati aku la..
  • lapar laaa
  • giler...
E) 7 Perkara Yang Bernilai
  • my family
  • him
  • friends..
  • akal
  • agama
  • Duit
  • hp
F) 7 Pertama Kali
  • pertama kali dpt hp masa form 2. bangga yg giler amat..hahaha
  • pertama kali ada bf.. oh he still mine now
  • pertama kali masuk uni..oh dh besar aku ni
  • pertama kali masuk hospital.. hee takot!
  • pertama kali naik flight, lupa dh sbb baby lg time tu..
  • pertama kali dating dgn MR F.. time broke up utk masa stahun.. lama tuuu
  • pertama kali dpt adiah dr MR.F.. dpt teddy rabbit ANGEL. heheh.. still ada tepi meja aku ni....
G) 7 Orang Yang Saya Nak Tag
  • xtau
  • sape nk buat, buat ler
  • sape yg terbaca survey ni
  • ...
  • ...
  • ...
  • ...

the semester break has ended up yesterday which means that i have to go through my bored and stressed daily routine again starting from today. but im glad i have NEW spirit for this semester (though i know that i won't last long) since i got lots of new stuff: new phone, new shoes,new pants, new bag, new watch and also new folder!!. thanks a bunch to those who generously gave me all those things.